2-Person 16-Panel Ivory Umbrellas. Nicole Nichols Photography.

Rain or shine, our umbrellas add both shelter and style!

Shawls and blankets keep guests cozy in the cool air of any season.

Studio JK Photography

Multicolored paper parasols lit up the room at this beach wedding.

Don't Worry. We've Got Your Event Covered.

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Hope Schalck – The Wedding Studio

hope_schalck_headshotSplendor Product Rented: Umbrellas (2-person 16-panel in white)
Event Location: Beaver Creek, Colorado

“Rain or shine! As a wedding planner, one might only consider umbrellas for rain at an outdoor wedding, but that’s not always the case. Despite cool air, an intense sun had most of our guests huddled in whatever shade they could find. That is, until I pointed out the lovely umbrellas we rented from Splendor for Your Guests! There wasn’t one left as the guests hurried to the basket. Everyone was able to comfortably take their seats as the beautiful outdoor ceremony began for Stacy & Trevor. On behalf of them, me and all their guests, thank you Splendor!!!” – Hope, The Wedding Studio (read more about Hope)
Event Photo Courtesy: Ali Brennan/Ali & Garrett Photography

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